FSVP, or The Foreign Supplier Verification Program, is one part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) (2011). Under the Foreign Supplier Verification Program rule, a Qualified Individual (QI) must develop an importer’s FSVP and perform activities required in the rule. A QI must have the education, training, or experience necessary to perform their assigned activities and must be able to read and understand the language of any records associated with the Foreign Supplier Verification Program.  Attending this course will help students understand how to interpret regulations and meet regulatory requirements.

This course is offered as a two-day program. We will delve into the requirements of the Foreign Supplier Verification Program, including the definitions of terms such as “importer” and “supplier”, the responsibilities of each party in the food chain, and actions that foreign suppliers will need to take to ensure their products are considered safe and acceptable for distribution in the US food chain.

Curriculum: Attending this course will help you understand the Foreign Supplier Verification Program requirements and how those requirements can be met in your particular circumstance.

Duration: 2 days (9-3)

Cost: $650

Prerequisite: None

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